Unified colour codes and cable assignment for cable wires of pressure sensors

Why are there no unified colour codes for cable wires of the pressure sensors? This question is entirely justified, because unified wire colours would simplify everything. Unlock ’s different cable versions but also the documentation and installation at the customer’s. But unfortunately, Sadness suggested by the question, there are no unified colour codes.Every manufacturer follows … Read more

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Initial innovative entrances plus prospects while in the internet betting house field This Slit (online training video slot) adds online betting house avid gamers an opportunity to vary plus tailor-make their training video slit. The next hottest generating with internet betting house plug-ins lets avid gamers so as to add their snap shots, noises plus … Read more

on the internet gambling establishment /.. old-fashioned gambling establishment

Present day online gambling establishment supporters can state the hearth to be able to diverse place items by just enjoying several well-known online gambling establishment game titles online. On the internet casinos are definitely distinctive from outdated university casinos while they enable visitors to effortlessly enjoy several well-known game titles from your comfort and ease … Read more

Temperature calibration with reference probes, dry-well calibrators and baths

Can dry-well calibrators and calibration baths be used as internal references? Temperature dry-well calibrators and baths are a practical solution for temperature calibrations. This is true both in the field and in laboratories, as they provide a free-standing, stable temperature source with a built-in platinum resistance thermometer (PRT).The PRT measures the temperature inside the dry-well … Read more

Responsible handling of sulphur hexafluoride

Sulphur hexafluoride – or SF6 gas for short – is, so far, the gas with the strongest known greenhouse effect. Its contribution to the greenhouse effect is about 23,000 times that of CO2 and is persistent in the atmosphere.Source: Federal Statistical Office: Survey of particular climate-active materials “sulphur hexafluoride” (SF6), Wiesbaden, 2015Sulphur hexafluoride is defined … Read more

RoHS marking and certificates

I am often asked, “How is a RoHS marking actually carried out?” The quick answer: EU RoHS will, from 22nd July 2017, be visible in the CE marking and the declaration of conformity linked to it. China RoHS conformant instruments carry a green logo. Non-conformant instruments in accordance with China RoHS carry an orange logo … Read more

Selection criteria for digital indicators

In many electronic pressure measurement applications there is a need to have the measured value displayed on site – either as an additional option alongside the processing of the signal within the control system or as a sole control instrument.If the transmitter used does not feature an integrated display, a variety of types of digital … Read more