Bangkok couple’s miraculous escape from tragic highway bridge collapse (video)

A miraculous escape from death was recounted by a husband and wife following a tragic road bridge collapse. They narrowly evaded the mishap, having their car hit just moments after they heard a loud noise. However, Case study broke down, forcing them to flee as debris rained down onto the vehicle’s roof.
The collapsing bridge, which was underneath building, situated along the Luang Phaeng Road within the Lat Krabang district of Bangkok, brought on injuries to 13 people and claimed the lives of two employees – one on the web site and the opposite at Chulabhon Hospital 9. The subsequent clear-up operation is predicted to take no more than seven days.
Forty-six-year-old Pa-Chuen Chaokham and his forty four yr previous wife Jamnian Chinwong were in a white Isuzu D-Max pickup when the incident took place. The couple recalled their horrifying ordeal in stark element, having driven past the collapsing bridge just after making a shopping journey.

They heard a loud noise, appeared up to see the bridge hurtling down, after which desperately tried to accelerate away from the impending hazard. Yet their automotive wouldn’t start, and moments later, a chunk of the bridge landed just centimetres in entrance of their car, with other fragments falling onto the car’s roof.
Consumed in a cloud of dust, the couple decided to depart the automotive and sought help at a nearby petrol station, reported KhaoSod.
Pa-Chuen holds a strong perception that their lives have been saved by the amulets they’ve been repeatedly sporting for practically ten years.
His was a Luang Pu Tuad amulet from the Chalong temple in Phuket province, whereas his wife was carrying the Luang Phor Khoi amulet from the Khositaram Temple in Chai Nat province..

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