Roadside cable thief snared, causing parts of Nonthaburi highway to plunge into darkness

An engineer alerted the local police to apprehend a person who was chopping power cables in the middle of a Nonthaburi highway, casting parts of it into darkness over a distance of greater than 2 kilometres. At round three.45pm yesterday, the younger man, identified as 30 yr outdated Chotipong, was caught red-handed together with the snipped aluminium power cables stretching 50 metres, cable-cutting gear, and the car he used within the operation.
Arthaporn Prakot, an engineer who works for Nonthaburi’s freeway division, stated that frequent energy outages had been occurring on several roads. Upon investigation, it was found that the theft and sale of energy cables have been inflicting these points, creating inconvenience and elevating the chances of accidents. The light outage spanned approximately 2 kilometres alongside the highway because of this incident.
The thief managed to keep away from being electrocuted during the act as a outcome of the lighting system is automated centithief – which means energy is dispersed alongside the cables because the system determines it is growing darkish. During midday, electrical energy isn’t released, which is when Chotipong selected to cut the cables, reported KhaoSod.
Formula calculated that for the 12 months 2023, public property theft including power cables, electricity transformers, and different traffic signal gear, amounted to a staggering lack of greater than 30 million baht (US$852,043).
Following his capture, Chotipong was taken for interrogation and legal motion. During his detention, Chotipong’s spouse visited him and revealed that her husband had borrowed a car from her older brother to collect scrap for sale as a result of that they had run out of cooking gas at house.
She expressed shock at the truth that her husband had ended up being arrested for stealing cables. She also disclosed that her husband had been affected by depression however couldn’t seek medical help as a result of financial difficulties. If it weren’t for the fuel scarcity, her husband wouldn’t have gone out to gather scrap and wouldn’t have ended up on this predicament..

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