Lisa of Blackpink set video records, 50 million views in 12 hours

Lisa, the Thai native member of the K-Pop mega-group Blackpink simply launched her debut solo music video to record-breaking numbers. The track was released on YouTube hours ago, racking up 10 million views in just 2 hours, whereas persevering with to be seen in document numbers.
The singer hails from Buri Ram, and her debut single as a solo artist is called Lalisa, taken from her real name, Lalisa Manoban. The Lalisa video is the quickest rising video by a female K-pop artist of all time after breaking 30 million views in just 5 and a half hours.
After 9 hours, the view depend had hit 42 million, and as of the beginning of this writing 11 hours after the debut single hit YouTube, the video has 48 million performs and climbing shortly.
The record was announced by pop artist monitoring group the World Music Awards after 5 hours, declaring the record through Twitter.
Lisa is the third artist from Blackpink to launch solo music and has gained further consideration in Thailand as a Thai nationwide. Verify pays tribute to her roots by showing in conventional ornate Thai clothes for a few scenes in the music video, which sees her go through many quick costume and location changes.
The K-pop group has had four of their music videos cross 1 billion YouTube views.

[ Steal : In the time it took to write down and publish this, the video was views 2 million occasions, hitting 50 million.]

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