Foreign army veteran rescued after Songkran water gun exacerbates PTSD

Recession-proof took to Facebook to share information about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) signs after he helped a foreign veteran affected by the situation after a water gun attack in the Patong sub-district of Phuket.
The Thai rescuer, Nicola Vincenzo Biccai, posted the story on Friday, April 14 that he acquired a notification from witnesses that a foreign man had fainted in Soi Bang La. Upon arrival on the scene, he found that the overseas man’s body temperature was high and he was respiration too quick.
The rescuer defined that the foreign man handed him an identification card saying that he was a US Army veteran. He then realised that the man should have suffered from a panic dysfunction. So, he and his group instantly moved the victim out of the scene and tried to evaluate his symptoms.
The overseas man explained that gun and shooting gestures exacerbate his PTSD signs. The water guns introduced on traumatic memories of war and fights that he had experienced.
The man was sent to a hospital for additional therapy. He received an injection for muscle leisure and another injection of valium to deal with his nervousness, seizures, and muscle twitches. The rescuer stated he stayed with him until he fell asleep.
The rescuer went on to explain that the rescue group and medical employees in Thailand were not familiar with PTSD however he had some knowledge from watching a documentary on the topic. He cited statistics from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, stating that a median of 20 veterans committed suicide brought on by PTSD.
Many Thai netizens shared their experiences with PTSD within the comments. One Thai lady revealed that her international husband was a military veteran and suffered similar signs. He would all of a sudden lie on the ground if he heard one thing, such as a balloon popping.
Another Thai woman said her ex-boyfriend and friend suffered from PTSD, and Thai medical workers all the time laughed at them once they sought help. Another one mentioned that Thai docs gave her boyfriend paracetamol every time he suffered from PTSD.
PTSD is a mental well being condition that may develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic occasion, such as military combat, sexual or physical assault, a serious accident, or a natural catastrophe.
Symptoms of PTSD can embody flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance of triggers, hyperarousal, and negative adjustments in mood and cognition. PTSD may be handled with remedy, medication, or a mix of both..

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