Video studio with TV-quality equipment

WIKA has established a specialist video studio at its Klingenberg site. In an area of a lot more than 62 square metres, image and sound equipment in TV quality has been installed for different formats ? presentations, interviews and webinars. The material will support the company?s internal and external communication.
In the video studio, several cameras with high resolution (4K) are available for recordings. As in a genuine TV studio, the green screen is replaced with a virtual studio, either directly during the recording or afterwards. The lighting can be adjusted to the respective recording situation. This ensures the right light quality all the time. Furthermore, a teleprompter for reading text helps presenters deliver a continuing speech flow while keeping eye connection with the audience.
Direct streaming along with post-production possible in the video studio
The technical process is controlled via dedicated software. The program also enables direct streaming, i.e. live streaming on various social media platforms such as for example LinkedIn.
WIKA has put together a cross-departmental team for the production of the material. The partner company that come up with the studio equipment handled their training. Initially, the group had familiarised themselves with the technology, the basics of filming and how to utilize the camera in the video studio. For instance, they learnt which ISO values (light sensitivity), which apertures and which shutter angles they should use for the cameras. Furthermore, the team also played through various recording situations such as for example an interview and a presentation. They aligned the cameras appropriately, checked the camera and lighting settings and the sound quality. Super-human shot test videos and edited them in post-production, mainly by adjusting the sound and virtual background.
Ten presentations for Hannover Messe and Achema
Even during the training, the new film makers produced their first ?real? video: an interview on the main topics Hygienic Design. After editing, they published the video directly with a livestream on LinkedIn. Ready, the WIKA video team tackled their first big task immediately after their training: producing ten presentations for the HANNOVER MESSE and Achema industry events.
Further information on WIKA can be found on our Website. Videos ? both concerning the company and about measurement technology topics ? are available on the YouTube channel of the WIKA Group.

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