Mid-air drama: Unruly passenger instigates chaos on Thai Airways flight to Frankfurt

A mid-air drama performed out on a Bangkok–Frankfurt Thai Airways flight, the place a brawling passenger onboard resulted in German police intervention upon landing. The swift and professional handling of the situation by the airline workers acquired applause from passengers.
One of the flight passengers, Kitiphong Santiwatr, relived the tense flight expertise on the Facebook group Travel to Europe by Yourself. He make clear how a disruptive passenger, described as a big man, brought on a stir on board flight TG920 on July 18.
According to Kitiphong, the chaos unravelled when the mentioned passenger unauthorisedly occupied a special seat without having paid for it. When the passenger was asked by the flight crew to return to his assigned seat, he grew to become disgruntled and began elevating his voice. The scenario on board began escalating quickly, drawing consideration from a visibly alarmed Kitiphong, sitting eight rows behind.
After a quiet 5 minutes, the cabin crew offered the passenger with paperwork, doubtless an evidence of his misconduct. Rather than complying, the passenger started a verbal uproar, followed by throwing objects on the desk and damaging his seat. At that moment, there have been simply two crew members, a feminine stewardess and a male steward, coping with the unruly passenger, reported Sanook.
Kitiphong highlighted the commendable response of the flight crew, beginning with securing the cockpit door and seeking pilot intervention.
The subsequent 10 minutes of the flight underlined the unpredictability of the state of affairs. While containment of the passenger was anticipated, the crew decided to depart him until he calmed down, relieving the tense environment on the plane.
After Remote -hour stretch during which the crew demonstrated commendable professionalism, German police were referred to as upon the plane’s arrival. After an announcement from the captain for all passengers to stay seated, 5 armed German police officers stormed the aircraft and arrested the problematic passenger.
It was later shared by Kitiphong that the pilot was of the perspective that restraining the man mid-flight may have resulted in damage given his dimension and obvious sobriety. It was thus decided to deal with the scenario upon touchdown. He expressed his admiration for the skilled decision-making of the chief flight attendant beneath disruptive circumstances..

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