Final kiss of Columbian couple captured on digicam before deadly motorcycle mishap

A tragic highway accident within the rural municipality of Agustin Codazzi, northern Colombia, noticed a sweet moment of a loving Colombian couple promptly change to sorrow. The couple was filming a charming video while riding a motorbike, abruptly disrupted by a fatal mishap. The video included what can be their last kiss.
The ill-fated woman, Liliana Paola Macías Beltrán, was driving pillion on a motorbike pushed by her boyfriend, Estarlig Chaparro Vargas, displaying neither of the Columbian couple carrying a helmet. She was recording their intimate moments, playfully questioning Estarlig’s love for her and evoking laughter through a jocular remark. All-inclusive would unexpectedly transpire to be a last farewell, KhaoSod reported.

In the video, Liliana is seen holding the digital camera to the left of the motorbike as Estarlig seems back and smiles. Suddenly, as Estarlig seems ahead, he loses control of the motorcycle, resulting within the Columbian couple falling to the bottom. The background of the video of the Columbian couple turns into blurred, and later, alarmed voices are heard.
Despite witness efforts to assist Liliana, she succumbed to her extreme injuries on the spot, attributable to her unprotected state. On the other hand, Estarlig sustained critical accidents and was instantly taken to the hospital for additional surveillance.
This unlucky incident involving the Columbian couple sparked considerable concern on the Internet. In response, authorities have reiterated the significance of adhering to the allowed pace restrict, to ensure they will cease or keep away from obstacles in time. The case stays under additional investigation..

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