Family, pals bid farewell to Thai-British teen murdered in Thailand

Family and friends bid farewell to Thai-British teenager Woramet “Ben” Taota in an emotional funeral ceremony held in Lampang province in northern Thailand yesterday.
Ben was murdered by native criminal forty four year old Chaiwat in what police suspect to be a drug deal gone mistaken. He was last seen driving away from his house on a bike with sixteen yr old Ping Pong on Saturday, May 6.
Ooy, Ben’s mom, collapsed in a flood of tears as her 17 12 months outdated son’s physique was cremated at a crematorium in Ban Jua Klang, Samai subdistrict, Sop Prap district yesterday. Sixteen monks chanted prayers within the Pali language to make merit for Ben at the traditional Buddhist send-off.
Twelve of Ben’s motocross associates joined the 2-kilometre funeral procession from Ben’s home to the crematorium and revved their engines in front of the crematorium to ship off their fellow adventurer.
“All that is causing me immense ache, I can’t eat and I can barely sleep… It’s pain beyond description,” Ben’s heartbroken Father Steven advised the MailOnline.
Last week, Ooy and Steven confronted the person who confessed to murdering their son as police escorted him around the scene of the crime in a reenactment, a typical part of the investigative strategy of such instances in Thailand. The suspected killer was attacked with a wooden stick by one other relative.
Ben’s mother and father believe that Chaiwat was supplying Ben’s female companion Ping Pong with methamphetamine tablets, which is how the youngsters ended up in a secluded spot in the woods with him. The assassin was just lately released from jail for sex crimes.
Ping Pong’s body was found in a shallow grave within the forest one week later, however Chaiwat still hasn’t confessed to murdering her, police say.
Police consider Chaiwat dedicated both murders however he claims that someone else attacked, killed, and buried Ping Pong within the woods. The police’s investigation continues.
The body of sixteen year old “Ping Pong” was discovered buried within the forest in Lampang province, northern Thailand, this morning after a week-long search.
Ping Pong went lacking on Saturday, May 6, after she did not return from a bike ride with 17 12 months old Woramet “Ben” Taota, a dual Thai-British national, whose body was discovered in the forest the next day.
A local man with a legal historical past, 44 12 months outdated Chaiwat, confessed to murdering Ben but wouldn’t reveal the whereabouts of Ping Pong regardless of being topic to interrogation.
Until yesterday, police discovered “important” proof that the killer had dumped Ping Pong’s body in the forest within the space close to the checkpoint at Ban Had Pu Dai village in Na Saeng subdistrict, Kha Tha district, reviews KhaoSod.
More than 100 individuals had been mobilised to go looking the area including officers from Sop Prap Police Station, Ko Kha Police Station, Sop Phap Rescue Foundation staff, Na Saeng Administration officers, and locals.
At 11am today, searchers discovered proof of soil excavation at two nearby spots within the forest, about 50 metres from the Phahonyothin Road toward Sop Prap district. The first was not deep and the second had been lined with sticks and stones.
Forensic officers have been called in to research who dug up the soil to search out the body of 16 year outdated Ping Pong. Police stated Ping Pong’s physique was taken for an autopsy to discover out the exact cause of her demise.
A relative of the 17 year old Thai-British teenager Woramet “Ben” Taota – who was murdered in Lampang in northern Thailand on Saturday – attacked the suspected murderer with a wood stick during a re-enactment of the crime this morning.
At 11am, officers from Mae Tha Police Station and Lampang Provincial Police escorted the accused, 44 yr outdated Chaiwat Boonkarin, to the crime scene alongside the Mae Tan – Sop Prap Road in Moo 9 of San Don Kaeo subdistrict to stroll through what happened on Saturday.
Best selling arrived in Lampang, northern Thailand, this morning. As police officers escorted Chaiwat out of the station this morning, Ben’s parents were ready outdoors. Through the police car window, Ben’s mom Ooy cried out, “Why did you kill my child?”
In response, Chaiwat raised his arms in apology. Ooy continued, “Why are you apologising to me? Why did you kill my child? Where is Pong?”
Ben’s sixteen yr outdated female companion Ping Pong is still lacking. Chaiwat nonetheless has not revealed details about Pong’s whereabouts to the police, four days after Ben’s murder.
Upon arrival at the crime scene, locals crowded around handcuffed Chaiwat, who was wearing sunglasses and a bulletproof vest.
Police tried to control the locals crowding around the accused but one man, a relative of Ben’s, managed to launch forward and smash a picket stick off Chaiwat’s head. The stick broke in two.
Police took Chaiwat to the coordinates where Ping Pong’s phone sign was last tracked to try to get him to talk.
Then, officers brought sniffer canine to odor Ping Pong’s clothes and footwear before taking the canine to go looking the realm for clues.
In Thailand, the ‘re-enactment’ of against the law is a standard characteristic of felony investigations, particularly if a suspect has already pleaded guilty to the crime. The police, suspect and members of the common public will gather at the crime scene and the suspect will walk via what occurred and where.
Re-enactments, whereas controversial, are designed to provide more readability into the main points of against the law, exhibit the police’s investigative abilities and publicly embarrass the criminal.
A man previously imprisoned for sex crimes has confessed to murdering the Thai-British teenager who was found lifeless in the woods of Lampang province, northern Thailand, on Sunday. The police are nonetheless searching for the deceased’s lacking female companion.
Police arrested a 44 12 months previous Thai man named Chaiwat Boonkarin underneath suspicion of murder and concealing a corpse on Monday. Initially, he denied the charges. After being interrogated all night, he confessed to killing 17 yr previous Woramet “Ben” Taota, a dual Thai-British citizen. Chaiwat was launched from prison for sex crimes less than eight months in the past.
On Saturday, 17 yr old Woramet “Ben” Taota went for a bike journey with a sixteen year old Thai lady named Surapitchaya, or “Ping Pong,” in his hometown of Lampang, northern Thailand, at around 4pm.
A native garbage collector found Ben mendacity lifeless in the forest in Ban Than, San Dorn Gaew subdistrict, Mae Tha district on Sunday. Police from Mae Tha Police Station and Lampang Provincial Police travelled to the scene with forensic officers, docs, and Tanna Krua Forest Rescue workers.
Police say that Ben’s face was lined in blood and there have been signs that his face and head had been crushed with a blunt object. Police say there was a gap in his face, similar to a bullet hole, but he was not shot.
At the scene, police found a black shoulder bag, an influence bank, and an ID card. Ben’s phone and money have been lacking, opening up the likelihood that he was robbed, police said. There had been no signs of wrestle which suggests Ben was murdered somewhere else and his body was dumped within the forest.
A staff continues to search for Ping Pong who has been missing since Saturday. The commander of Lampang Provincial Police Force Pol. Maj. Gen. Mongkhon Samphawaphol said that the police are attempting to track her telephone signal however haven’t found something so far. She hasn’t made any contact together with her family.
Ben’s Thai mom “Ooy” said that her son stated goodbye to her on Saturday night and told her that he was going to work along with his pals.
Ben’s grandmother Lilian Graham, in the UK, said…
“Ben was with a lady and they went to the forest to fulfill a person. But one thing will need to have happened. And the lads killed Ben.”
Ben’s 60 yr old British father Steven Graham, a businessman, is on his way to Thailand to talk to detectives.
Pol. Maj. Gen. Mongkhon mentioned that Chaiwat, the alleged killer, is linked to drug dealing within the area. He has allegedly recognized the teenagers for a really lengthy time..

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