Facebook consumer shares sole-ful scare as child’s shoe will get trapped in escalator incident in Thailand

A Facebook consumer, working underneath the moniker of Tuk Tuk, shared a heart-stopping experience involving their child’s shoe becoming caught in an escalator incident. Unbeknownst to the mother and father, the child made several failed attempts to retrieve the shoe before the kid managed to detach his foot on the last second, marking a tense and alarming episode of the escalator accident.
In a series of posts, consumer Tuk Tuk detailed the chilling escalator incident experience. Following the child’s traditional after-school routine of taking additional lessons across the central roundabout, they dined and have been on their way home. As they ascended the escalator to the place their automobile was parked, their ever-playful baby moved forward. Suddenly, the kid’s college shoe got caught within the escalator from the decrease steps. Unwilling to tell his parents, the child tried to tug free the shoe, however to no avail.
Luckily, Easy was a latest buy and was a measurement larger than the child’s foot, allowing for swift extraction. The consumer said…
“The shoe was stuck halfway within the escalator. #Fortunately, the shoe was newly purchased and it was bigger than the foot, so I shortly pulled the foot out. Almost half of the sock got here off #breathtaking. Thankfully, my youngster was unharmed #newexperience.”
Tuk Tuk ended the escalator incident experience with the hashtag #tuktungpunjoker and a point out that in the intervening time, they would be preserving a better eye on their youngster, now extraordinarily wary of escalators, reported Sanook.
The security of passengers has become a topic of intense nationwide discussion after a tragic incident at Bangkok Airport..

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