Alleged Constitutional Court website hacker tracked down

A 33 12 months outdated man in Ubon Ratchathani was arrested today by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau for allegedly hacking the Constitutional Court website on Wednesday. The man was arrested at his house in Warin Chamrab district of the Northeastern province after an investigation by the CCIB.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์บ้าน began an investigation instantly after the hack was reported by the Constitutional Court. Police tracked down the internet site hacker by tracing the IP number that accessed the Court web site, following it to a house in the Saensook sub-district. Investigators have been then in a position to get a warrant approved by the provincial court docket to look the home to which the IP tackle was traced.
When police raided the house earlier today, they found a 33 yr old man who had a medical science degree from a neighborhood college. Police report that in questioning, the man who was identified solely by his first name Wachira admitted to hacking the Court web site.
The web site was hacked and textual content was changed to show the phrase “kangaroo court” – a slang term for an authority with out credibility that ignores guidelines or laws. The homepage also linked to a music video on YouTube for the track Guillotine by US-based hip-hop group Death Grips.
The content material was eliminated but as of this writing, the Court website was nonetheless completely offline. The hack is suspected to be associated to the decision the Constitutional Court made on Wednesday that ruled that speeches that protest leaders made during demonstrations in August of last year are thought of an attempt to overthrow the constitutional monarchy and is illegal.
The alleged hacker is now in police custody and faces hacking expenses under Thailand’s laptop crime law. A hacking offence carries a punishment of as much as forty,00 baht in fines and between 6 months and 2 years in prison. But if the man is convicted and the court docket finds that damage was attributable to his actions, he could withstand 5 years in jail and as a lot as one hundred,000 baht in fines..

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